Widely considered the best analog octave fuzz money can buy. Simple controls (volume, sustain, and tone) make finding your sound easy. The usual toggle switch has been replaced with a footswitch that removes the octave portion from the circuit making it useful for both rhythm and lead guitar parts. A faithful Foxx Tone Machine clone with Panasonic film and Nichicon caps, beefed up power filtering and polarity protection handwired using Teflon coated wire into a compact, pedalboard friendly enclosure.


- True Bypass

- High quality components
- Board mounted Alpha pots with dust covers
- Octave footswitch

- Original 2n3565 transistors
- Compact enclosure w/ top mounted jacks
- Red LEDs
- Accepts 2.1mm center negative 9VDC power supply (Boss Style)

- Current Draw :   5 ma

Handmade with care in Portland Oregon

fAUX Tone Machine