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MID 70s CLASSIC WITH A FUN TWIST     *Available for a limited time only*



DEMO VIDEO:    click here




Big D’ohstortion sounds based on that venerable four transistor circuit nicknamed after the Ram-like creature printed on the lower right hand corner of its large metal enclosure.  Used by greats like David Gilmour during the Animals era for its surprising level of clarity and articulation when compared to other versions of the similar namesake.


The Big Duff bottles that loveable sound into a fun, pedalboard friendly enclosure using high quality, modern components and an updated power filtering circuit.  Liven up your sound with a cold toned classic and crack a Big Duff!



- True Bypass

- Panasonic film caps

- BC239 Transistors

- Teflon coated offboard wiring

- Top mounted jacks

- Red LED

UV printed graphic

- 125b silver powder coated enclosure (4.8 x 2.64 x 1.58") 

- Accepts standard 2.1mm center negative 9 volt DC power supply

- Current Draw:  5mA




Carefully made by hand in Portland Oregon

The Big Duff

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