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BLAMMO! Electronics is a small operation with a single goal: to design / build FX pedals that are interesting to us. Pedals that attempt to scratch some hard-to-reach sonic itch, satiate a particularly enigmatic aural desire not fully understood, or rare, hard to get vintage clones are the key areas we focus our attention on. Sure, we might get a bigger piece of the pie with familiar circuits or safe graphics, but that's not really operation BLAMMO!

Our build processes are a bit more rigorous than most in the stompbox industry. Each pedal is assembled by hand using professional techniques acquired through years of soldering assemblies for the aviation and medical industries (where clean work and meticulous accuracy are required). This degree of care and attention isn't something larger pedal brands are capable of, or even interested in attempting. For many, "good enough" is indeed good enough. 



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