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21st Century T.V.

Below you will find videos.

Moving pictures. Twenty first century television programming.

But really, they're just Youtube clips.

Pedal demonstrations. Audio highlight reels. Clips of pedals recorded using quality mics and amps.



Andy Demos

Andy Martin demonstrates what The BLAMMO! Fuzz Detonator can do by tearing a hole in our current reality with his psychedelic guitar stylings.  Don't worry, he'll bring you back down to Earth. Tested with both a Strat and a Les Paul, this demo is a thorough one that tells and shows you exactly what the Fuzz Detonator can do: DESTROY!


In this clip Jamie Wolfert tames the Shrew with his appreciation for noise rock and interesting chord combinations. He goes through both bass and guitar in an honest and straightforward manner that doesn't hide any pedal discrepancies or odd quirks. Have a listen and see how the Shrew can destroy signals while simultaneously cleaning up the unwanted hiss and hum.


DEMOS in the dark

Ryan eschews his normal bedtime to stay up late with a BLAMMO! Zonch Machine and a Seuf telecaster. Filmed in his spanking new studio through a Benson Monarch Reverb, this one looks and sounds fantastic. If you love Tone Benders but can't afford a vintage John Hornby Skewes unit, have a listen.

In house demo

"Why build pedals if you don't get to play them?" Dan ponders that question plus a few more concerning the fAUX Tone Machine in this video shot at BLAMMO! HQ. Filmed in the no fuss format using a Canon T7, a Royer R121 CLONE, one SM57 and a Fender Deluxe Reverb RI. This tone machine nails that syrupy octave stang the original units are so well known for. Play power chords through it and hear your signal bark like a Pitbull with a smoking habit.

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