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We love handmade.

It's true. We love it. 

Old school animation techniques. Painstaking bread baking processes. Ship in a bottle assembly procedures. Modern aviation/medical device lean manufacturing principles. BLAMMO! borrows and careens on whatever we see fit.

Nothing is sacred. Everything is beautiful.




CEO / Dishwasher     * Active 2018 - Present *

Dan w/ 3D printed rubber band gun moments before destroying rogue music equipment that became self-aware.

Dear fellow pedal enthusiast,

To your immediate left is Dan Adamson. He's the designer / solder jockey behind BLAMMO! Electronics and boy does he like effects pedals! Though love might be a more accurate description.

This passion led him to pursue a day job building medical, aviation, and defense PCB assemblies to better understand what separates a low from high quality build. IPC certified with a strong DIY background, his love for Cuban style engineering, Saturday morning cartoons, and sugary breakfast cereals has culminated into something real. Bite the bullet, get BLAMMO'd!     


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