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     How does one enlarge something that is already substantially sized? Simple; they extend it, and that is precisely what we have done!  We took a classic, and expanded its capabilities to include more useable flavors. Pretty sweet, eh?


     At its core, the Bad Bluff is an honest take on that large black boxed pedal of Russian descent, but with a reworked 2-band tone section, an extra clipping option, and modern upgrades to help make it more user friendly. The new tone circuit allows players access to more mid heavy sounds not attainable in original units with a “Mids” control that works in tandem with the “Tilt” control. When either control is set at noon, the frequency response is flat. Dialing the “Mids” knob to the right brings in more middle frequencies while dialing it to the left side cuts them resulting in more classic BM sounds. The “Tilt” control acts like a seesaw in that it raises high frequencies while cutting lows when dialed right, and does the exact opposite (boosts bass and cuts highs) when twisted left. They function independently from each other to make dialing in new sounds simple and straightforward. The “Mod” setting offers a more open, less saturated asymmetrical clipping sound that gives users access to different shades of grimy overdriven tones with a bit more output.  The “Stock” setting offers symmetrical signal chopping reminiscent of the older Black Russian BMs. The “Sustain” and “Volume” knobs function as you would expect them to, no tricks or anything to report there. And like most BLAMMO! pedals, we’ve updated the old clicky style footswitch to a relay based true bypass soft-switching setup, slimmed down the enclosure , and added top mounted jacks because space precious.




- True Bypass/Softswitching

- Russian KD521V diodes
- Panasonic film capacitors

- Board mounted Alpha pots with dust covers

- Board mounted toggle switch
- Yellow LED indicator

- Teflon coated off-board wiring

- Sand textured 125b enclosure w/ top mounted jacks
- Accepts the standard 2.1mm center negative 9 volt DC adapter

- Current Draw : 35ma




Handmade with care in Portland Oregon

Bad Bluff

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