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Ah yes, the now classic pedal released in 91' based on (and named after) the Marshall Blues Breaker amplifier, which was named that because of Eric Clapton's usage of the prototypical version when he joined John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers to record with it at an unreasonably loud volume. Known for its warm and soft distortion character that isn't particularly bitey, it wasn't super favored when initially released but later went on to gain its well deserved popularity after a different bluesman with the initials J.M. started using one and telling people about it.



The BLAMMO! version gives users access to that vintage low-gain bell like tone of the original circuit in STOCK mode plus a higher gain distortion sound that can feedback n' crunch like a blown out Marshall when set on MOD mode. Designed to run the dirty boost to mid-gain overdrive to distortion gamut well and possibly help simplify complicated pedalboard setups. We also updated the footswitch to a no-click relay based true bypass system that's either momentary or latching (tap or press and release), beefed up the power filtering, added polarity protection, and housed it in a smaller more pedalboard friendly enclosure with top mounted jacks. A discreet buffer has also been added at the circuits end to ensure it stacks well / plays nicely with other pedals.



- True Bypass/Soft Switching w/ momentary or latching fuctions
- Panasonic film capacitors

- Board mounted Alpha pots with dust covers
- Red LED indicator

- Teflon coated off-board wiring

- 125b enclosure w/ top mounted jacks
- Accepts the standard 2.1mm center negative 9 volt DC adapter

- Current Draw : 36ma




Handmade with care in Portland, Oregon.

Blues Blaster

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