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The Fuzz Detonator is a unique circuit inspired by vintage fuzz tones and Saturday morning cartoons. Designed to sound good at pretty much any setting, the F.D. offers several different shades of molten, old-school fuzz that can play nicely with just about any rig. Roll back your guitar's volume knob for less saturated, cleaner fuzz tones that can still jangle.


The other half, engaged by the leftmost footswitch and controlled (sort of) by the feedback knob, is a wild, ill-tempered Tasmanian Devil that whips your signal into a spinning vortex of hair 'n teeth that causes hallucinations of multi-colored phosphenes to crudely flash jumbled punctuation inside your mind's eye. But the main take away is this: Twisting your guitar controls antagonizes the feedback circuit in a big way. Sounds incredible right!? Well, it kinda is.


* True Bypass (relay based)
* NOS Tropical Fish tone capacitors
* Momentary OR Latching Feedback footswitch
* No-click footswitches
* Board-mounted Alpha pots w/ dust covers
* Top-mounted Jacks
* Panasonic Film and Electrolytic capacitors 
* Red LED's
* Teflon coated wiring
* 1590bb enclosure    ( 4.67 in x 3.68 in x 1.18 in )
* 2.1mm center negative 9 volt power supply (Boss style)

Hand crafted in Portland, Oregon 

Fuzz Detonator

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