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The original guitar plug-in.

Our version of the beloved Jordan Boss Tone is similar to the little black box that hooks directly into your guitars input jack (sorry Strat players) but ours is in stompbox format and built in the point-to-point style on a custom turret board. It also has an asymmetrical clipping diode setup for more even order harmonics, compression and bite. It’s a slight but noticeable change from the symmetrical diode clipping arrangement of a stock unit. Oh, and it also “cleans up” like a Fuzz Face if you rollback the guitar’s volume knob but it isn’t nearly as wooly. The tone has a more mid-focused honk and grimy texture unlike the more common two-transistor type designs, so if you want something off the beaten path that isn’t too modern, consider checking out a Boss Tone.




- True Bypass

- Vishay Axail Capacitors 

- Carbon composition resistors

- High quality low profile 3PDT footswitch

- Hand stamped OEM style faceplate

- Top mounted jacks

- 9 volt battery option (disconnects at the input jack)

- Red LED

- Army Green 125b enclosure (4.8 x 2.64 x 1.58")

- Accepts 2.1mm center negative DC power supply (standard Boss type)

- Current draw 3ma




Handmade with care in Portland, Oregon


P2P Buzz Tone

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