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Fuzz Unit - TB2 is our hand wired point to point version of the venerable Tone Bender MKii circuit tuned for a bit more sustain and output volume. Many consider it the finest example of vinatge germanium style fuzz, and after playing one, it's hard to argue them wrong!


The Fuzz Unit - TB2 employs 3 NOS NPN germanium transistors hand selected for gain and leakage to ensure a complex and harmonically rich fuzz sound that's simple to power.  Carbon composition resistors, high quality Spague / Vishay axial capacitors, and a beefed up power filtering section helps keep the sound classic and noise floor low.  Carefully hand soldered into a compact pedalboard friendly enclosure sporting top mounted jacks and an internal 9 volt battery option, this fire breathing fuzz is rock ready just about anywhere you take it.


Just two controls; LEVEL  is controlled by the leftmost knob and the one on the right is ATTACK, which controls the gain / fuzz sustain. Dialed to the left yields a gutteral mid focused bark with no gating. Cranking it right reveals a sweet, singing fuzz tone with plenty of sustain and upper frequency content.




- True Bypass

- NOS MP38a NPN germanium transistors

- Sprague and Vishay axial Capacitors

- Carbon composition resistors

- High quality low profile 3PDT footswitch

- Hand stamped OEM style faceplate

- Top mounted jacks

- 9 volt battery option (disconnects at the input jack)

- Yellow LED

- Silver Ball 125b enclosure (4.8 x 2.64 x 1.58") 

- Accepts 2.1mm center negative DC power supply (standard Boss type)

- Current draw 3ma




Lovingly hand soldered and filled with P n' V in Portland, Oregon.

P2P Tone Bender MKii

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