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     The Psychclops is a dual circuit design that combines two classics into one pedalboard friendly stompbox; the Electra Distortion/Overdrive and the Dan Armstrong Green Ringer. The overdrive portion is a simple one silicon transistor design that employs three germanium diodes setup for asymmetrical hard clipping to provide some extra dirt as well as a slight boost without drastically altering or coloring your guitar tone. Think low to medium gain grit that won't blow out four-note / complex chords.  The Green Ringer portion is basically an octave up drive with focused ring modulation tendencies. When a single note is played, it produces a second tone one octave above the first. When two notes are played simultaneously, a metallic clang type tone is produced similar to a ring mod but kinda different. Less messy, more subtle. Combine both sides of the Psychclops for a huge, throaty octave fuzz roar that gets more pronounced when using the neck pickup and rolling back the guitars tone control.


    The 3D printed eyeball controls the gain while the top hat / upper knob controls the output volume of the Electra Distortion. When both halves are engaged, the top knob will control the output of both circuits. When just the Octave side is engaged, the internal trimpot can fine tune the output volume as it does slightly boost the signal over unity gain.



- True Bypass

- Custom 3D printed knob

- Two independent circuits

- Alpha pots w/ dust covers

- Panasonic film caps

- 1n34a and D9J germanium diodes

- Teflon coated offboard wiring

- UV printed graphic

- 1590b enclosure with side jacks (4.43 in x 2.38 in x 1.22 in)

- 2.1mm center negative 9 volt power supply (Boss style)

- Current Draw :  5 ma




Hand rolled in Portland, Oregon

The Psychclops

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