DEMO VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rLpzn4RGMRI&t=32s

 Classic op-amp distortion sounds with more tweakability plus a few modern updates. Relay based true bypass footswitch rated for 3x as many cycles that doesn't click when pressed like the standard 3PDT type. Two extra clipping options (Asymmetrical or Op amp) allow for lower gain and less compressed / more open and dynamic dirty tones. Optional noise gate kills the hiss n' hum inherent to high gain circuits.  Especially when not playing or at the tail end of longer notes. Try the gate at a higher gain setting for a snappy, ripping paper attack that doesn't cut the note tails too early.





- Soft switching / true bypass

- Custom PCB designed by BLAMMO!

- High quality components
- Board mounted pots and switches
- Yellow LED

- Top mounted jacks
- 2.1 mm center negative 9 volt DC standard power jack

- Current draw: 31ma

Handmade with love in Portland, Oregon