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     Everyone knows the origin story by now: channel strip breaks, signal running through it gets altered in an interesting way, and the fuzz tone is born! To me, there’s one key take away from this tale of accidental invention and that is, sometimes broken actually means better. And sometimes bad sounds better than perfect, so to avoid looking foolish BLAMMO! embraces this universal truth by creating the Total Garbage.


     The Total Garbage is based on the Tim Escobedo Ugly Face but with a few neat modifications that extend the modulation range and accentuate the synthy octave down sound it offers. Originally a DIY circuit that was never officially released, it remains a classic among solder jockey’s / builders looking for something a little different but was never readily available for folks that simply buy pedals until now. Four trash can shaped knobs and two no-click footswitches hold sway over the Total Garbage and believe me, you’re going to want to know what they do. The ‘STANK’ knob is a sensitivity control that regulates how much of the guitars signal gets modulated, which basically means much quack / filtering effect gets layered over the fuzz. All the way left is pretty much a straightforward fuzz tone. When dialed right the fuzz sound gets progressively more funky and thwacked out. This knob also controls the intensity of the ‘SPLATTER’ footswitch. The ‘SPOIL’ control sets the threshold for triggering a free running oscillator that gets interrupted by the guitar signal. Dial it right for glitched out bleep-bloops that are affected by the ‘FREAK’ control or turn it left to bring the madness down to more manageable levels. The ‘FREAK’ knob is sort of an odd tone control that at one extreme produces nasally thin sounds that slice while the other side yields a big octave down tone that sounds most prominent through the neck pickup with the tone control on the guitar rolled back. ‘LEVEL’ is your basic volume control that sits at the end of the circuit. We dialed back the output some to make unity gain around 1 o’ clock (depending on your pickups). The ‘SPLATTER’ footswitch smears and bends the sound by modulating the guitar frequencies further with a slight boost in volume that can also produce some interesting artifacts that pause and swoosh the signal in weird ways. 




  • True Bypass
  • Soft switching footswitches
  • Red LED
  • Teflon coated wiring
  • Top mounted jacks
  • 1590bb2 enclosure (4.7 in x 3.7 in x 1.49 in)
  • Current draw : 38mA




Handmade with care at a dump site in Portland, Oregon

Total Garbage

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