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          You may have heard something like “The Overdriver is just a Colorsound Power Boost in a prettier night gown.” but in reality, the two sound pretty different from each other.  The Overdriver starts out a tad grity and sweeps evenly between slight break up and completely blown out fuzzstortion, while the Power boost offers a clean’ish boost that rounds the corner into crunch town around noon but doesn’t go as far off the trail as its older brother.  The typology of the two circuit’s are similar, but the component values and the way each gain stage is tuned a bit different.


          So what makes the BLAMMO! variety any different from an original unit? Well, for starters our version is housed in a smaller enclosure with a top mounted power jack to help make it more pedalboard friendly. We also swapped out the old clicky style footswitch with a more reliable relay based true bypass system that doesn’t make any mechanical noise when engaged, but the real change-a-roo / modern upgrade is the internal charge pump that allows users access to either 9 or 18 volt operation at the flick of a switch. The 18 volt option adds more clarity and openness into the signal but is most dramatic when the gain is maxed, while the 9 volt option is rounder with less touch sensitivity and more squish. As for the similarities, we use the same BC109C silicon transistors as the original units and keep all the resistor and capacitor values the same as well.


- True Bypass w/ softswitching

- Original BC109C transistors

- Internal charge pump for 18 volt option

- Nichicon and Panasonic capacitors

- Board mounted pots and switch

- 125b metal enclosure (4.8 x 2.6 X 1.5 inch)

- Top mounted jacks

- Yellow LED

- Teflon coated wiring

- Uses the standard 2.1mm center negative 9 volt power supply

- Current Draw: 9 volts = 25ma - 18 volts = 32ma




Handmade with care in Portland, Oregon

Voltage Driver

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