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The ZAP Master is the BLAMMO! version of the classic Dallas Rangemaster treble boost circuit housed in a pedalboard friendly enclosure with top mounted jacks. Designed to sound and look like the original with a few modern upgrades.

First off, we add a robust power filtering section with a reverse polarity protection diode (helps guard the main circuit if an incorrect power supply is accidently used) plus metal film resistors to lower the noise floor and clean up some of the excess hiss and hum. Next, we incorporate more tonal flexibility by adding a 3-way input cap switch that lets you choose between the stock value of 5nf or two additional mod values that let more bass into the audio path. We also swapped out the original PNP style with an NPN type to make powering and daisy chaining with other pedals simple and easy. Lastly, we gave the output volume a slight bump to make pushing clean tube amps into natural overdrive or kicking wooley fuzz pedals in the rear a bit easier.




- True Bypass

- NOS MP38a ge